Vancouver’s Her Brothers, a trio of three brothers, plays a lively, refined pop taking inspiration from a mix of styles and traditions. With a core of alt-rock, the band fuses elements from 90s pop-punk, 80s dance and R&B, and old soulful jams. It all comes from a range of influences from Peter Gabriel to Scritti Politti, Jack White, Sigur Ros, and U2. Her Brothers has the unique ability of playing within the canon of contemporary hits while recalling the timeless tradition of musicality.

The band has established a significant following through their extravagant live shows. They’ve shared the stage with artists Colbie Caillat, The Barenaked Ladies, Francesco Yates, and SonReal among others. In 2016 the band was asked to join Vancouver We Day at Rogers Arena with 20,000 people, bringing on massive public attention. Soon after, Her Brothers played extensively across B.C. They then played in front of over 15,000 people, headlining at Abbotsford B.C.’s Canada day celebration, and toured Alberta through a partnership with the organization Mighty Peace Youth for Change. The tour brought on even more acclaim with their single Love Over Hate receiving radio airtime through the toured region.

November 2018 saw the band release their sophomore album Tribe, which was produced and recorded by the band themselves along with co-producer/engineer Christian Stonehouse, featuring Keith Scott (of Bryan Adams) and Brent Howard (of Randy Bachman).

Tribe also saw the band experimenting with an even broader repertoire than their earlier work. Describing it, Levi said, “Our sound will likely always be in some sort of flux because we’ve never really seen the band itself as being static.”

Human was the first single released (over 100k streams, Spotify) along with it's accompanying video (over 21k views, Youtube) and was received exceptionally well. The following singles Innocent (over 100k streams, Spotify and over 25k views, youtube) and Stay (over 100k streams, Spotify and over 25k views, youtube) were also released with their own videos respectively.


“It’s been a long time since I’ve heard the kind of sound that Her Brothers have on this album. I’ve been listening to Tribe for the better part of the last week and still can’t place it into one specific category. Tribe is best described as a dreamlike musical journey.” - Hendrik Pape, Soundcheck Entertainment

“The upbeat, alternative rock with Afro-beat marimba infused element of the song “Human” with a purpose has left us cheering for more meaningful dynamic songs like this from other artists…” - Luisa Marshall, Metro Vancouver Independent News

“From the first time I heard [Human], I was hooked. The beat, the vocals, the lyrics, it all works perfectly together.” - Jenna Melanso, Canadian Beats