Playing lively, refined alt-pop, and balancing 90s punk energy with 80s dance-rock, Vancouver-based Her Brothers is made up of three brothers: Gabe, Josh, and Levi Penner.

Though alt-rock by distinction, their repertoire beckons to a vinyl shelf of influences from Peter Gabriel to Maroon 5, Scritti Politti to Sigur Ros. Her Brothers shows the remarkable ability to play within the canon of contemporary hits while recalling the timeless tradition of musicality.

It's a rarity that their punker-like energy also fuels the reflective lyrics sung by frontman Gabe Penner. The band has established a significant following through their extravagant live shows and has shared the stage with artists Colbie Caillat, Tyler Shaw, The Barenaked Ladies, Francesco Yates, and SonReal among others.

Her Brothers formed in their parent’s basement. Gabe got a guitar, Josh borrowed a bass from a friend, and Levi quickly took to the drums which had been left by someone for storage.

After the unprecedented success of entirely self-recorded, produced, and released debut album She (2015), Her Brothers went on to play extensively across B.C.; headline Abbotsford, B.C.’s Canada day celebration, playing for over 15,000 people; and toured Alberta through a partnership with the organization Mighty Peace Youth for Change. The continuous upswing left a trail of increased radio airplay and excitement around the band’s upcoming sophomore album, Tribe, for which they released the single, “Together We Stand,” early in 2017.

After spending time in the studio working on Tribe—which features Keith Scott (of Bryan Adams) and Brent Howard (of Randy Bachman)—the band began lining up shows in early 2018 anticipating it’s release. On stage, the band has been experimenting with some of Tribe’s unreleased tracks and has experienced an overflow of fan excitement.

The band’s shows are distinctly electrifying. Whether a large or small venue, Her Brothers create an atmosphere akin to stadium-shaking rock concerts. This is their passion. Though the song is king for Her Brothers, the stage is where the song truly comes to life.  

Her brothers offers this solution to the questions not yet posed: keep asking questions. Dig deeper—into the music, the song, the beat—explore your assumptions and kill your unexamined beliefs. Listen to the voices of hope, for they’re the ones to instigate revolution. The world is exciting because something's happening and it all comes down to listening.